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Sterling Winch Mounts for Ford F150 Ecoboost

We've been talking with a potential customer this week about a winch mount for the Ford F150 Ecoboost.  Even though the Ecoboost is garnering a larger and larger market share, fully functional after-market winch mounts are still a rare option due to the placement of the intercooler and vent port.  Let Sterling Equipment answer this question for the nearly 500,000 F150 Ecoboost drivers:

"Can I mount your winch mount guard to my EcoBoost Ford F150?"

YES, and with no modifications.

Our stock winch mount guards for the 2009-2014 Ford F150 do not block the vent port (as shown in photo) for the intercooler on EcoBoost equipped trucks (almost 50% of all F150's sold in 2013).


Apparently, someone sells a $1000 kit to move the intercooler so you can mount some competitors' winch mounts, costing an additional amount of money.  Why spend so much extra time and money, when you can just buy a guard from Sterling Equipment?  It will look great, it will work great, and it won't cause any issue with the Ecoboost engine.

We can even add expanded metal mesh in the lower face of our guards to provide additional protection for the Ecotech intercoolers.

2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Winch Mounts

March 4th, 2014

We have been begging our dealership contacts for months to send us a 2014 Silverado for prototype work, but they hadn't been able to keep the vehicles on their lots.  Fortunately, one of our local buddies bought a new one and let us borrow it a day or two.  We have completed a base model winch mount design for the new Silverado 1500:

Our prototype build is Sterling Equipment's base model winch mount with our added Jammers feature and lower third bar.  The winch mounting platform is 3/8" steel fully welded to the 5/16" steel side profile plates.  Our winch cradle will hold a majority of low profile electric winches with pulling capacities of 6,000 to 12,000 pounds.  If you wanted to mount a heavy duty winch like the Warn M12000, 16.5sti, or the M8274, we can upgrade to a 'feet forward' winch cradle.  All of our guard models will soon be available for the new Chevy's.

In a year, we get to do this whole process again for the 2015 Ford F150s!

Jeep CJ-7: Interior Cage, Front Bumper, and Nerf Bars

February 20th, 2014

One of our local customers brought his CJ-7 to us for some custom work this past week.  We think it turned out great!

First order of business: Custom cage-- "Toy Box" style
  • Front cage and rear family loops
  • Grab handles in upper front corners
  • Windshield cross bar at the dash
  • Lower tie-in bars from hoop to cage at floor
  • Dual overhead flat bars spaced for center console
  • Powder coated in Silver Vein

Next: Modification and refurbishment of existing Sterling Equip. front bumper
  • Added 2" receiver
  • Modified winch cradle placement and bumper mounting 
  • Added nerf bar mount points on outer loops
  • Refurbished and powder coated in Lava Black
Finally: Nerf Bars
  • 2" outer diameter, .120 wall steel tube
  • Wheel to wheel design
  • With loop over wheel to front bumper
  • Drop loop: full length of door
  • Raised expanded metal mesh on main and drop loops
  • Additional leg from drop loop to frame
  • Powder coated in Lava Black

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